Love the earth
with Lime & Lou

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We're proud to be a part of the green design movement! As Lou says, a beautiful interior is nothing without a thriving, beautiful exterior. That's why we're constantly looking to minimize our footprint and create unique & personal decor responsibly. Read on to learn more about how Lime & Lou is keeping it green ??.

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Staying local

The first step in reducing our carbon footprint? Burning less fuel. All of our items are made in the USA - we're so grateful we can support the wonderful craftsmen and craftswomen that make our designs a reality. And to be as environmentally friendly as possible we took things one step forward, placing facilities in strategic locations across the country. By manufacturing as close to your address as possible, we can keep shipping distances short.

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Eco manufacturing

When you order from Lou's online boutique, you're not just getting a generic item from our warehouse. Pieces you buy are manufactured especially for you - often with your own personalized touch ?. We don't produce anything unless we know for certain it'll be used, so your purchases will always be zero waste (plus, completely unique and made for you).

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Green materials

For added zest, we don't stop at manufacturing and shipping. Our pieces are also made using eco-friendly materials and methods. For example, all wooden frames and canvas stretcher bars are FSC-certified and produced from sustainable forests (forests managed responsibly in terms of their environmental, social and economic impact). Prints are made with water-based, solvent-free ink to reduce harmful pollution. And our printers are HP Latex - supporting greener materials and processes,

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Greenguard Gold certified

We want you to be healthy, feel good, and enjoy the pieces you buy from Lou's as much as possible. That's why we make sure the suppliers we work with hold a Greenguard Gold certification. This means the products they make - from decals to murals to printed art - have low chemical emissions, contributing to a healthier indoor environment. You can place them anywhere around the house - even in the bedrooms - and know you're keeping yourself and your family safe and healthy.

The steps we're already taking are just the tip of the iceberg! We strive to offer you the best eco-friendly products without sacrificing quality or style. This means we're always looking for new ways to reduce our carbon emission, protect the environment and create responsibly. Want to join the movement, too? Tag @limeandlou and share what #greentwists you're using to create a greener, sustainable home!