Meet The Team


Founder | Brand & Product Development
Bringing the brand and products to life

Sofie was always fascinated by the way design expresses people's personalities. She likes her life passionate and full of color - from art to fashion (she even makes her own clothes!) She is originally from Belgium and spent years working in communication and retention. But her dream was always in design - creating an online decor boutique that'll feel like home. That's how Lime & Lou was born. And while customers come for creative, colorful, personal pieces, they certainly stay for the sweet boutique-around-the-corner atmosphere.

Meet the Lime Team 1


Co-Founder | Product Marketing
Broadcasting our vision to the world

With her rich experience in performance marketing and creative strategy and her education in interior design, Tamar is the one bringing people and personal decor together. Being a serial mover, she truly gets what makes a home - and how much joy beautiful, personal items can bring into people's lives. For her, sustainability is a big part of it, as she's a proud mother of 3 dogs, 2 cats, and a rabbit (and one husband). Her creative influences are certainly felt at Lime & Lou!

Meet the Lime Team 2


Art Lead
Curating incredible art and visuals

Obsessed with aesthetics and all things visual, Yulia is behind the artistic vision of Lime & Lou. As a past interior designer, she worked with fashion and lifestyle brands to create distinct visual identities. When she's not putting together inspiring artboards, she likes to wake up early, drink incredible tea, keep healthy and dive deep into Korean culture.

Meet the Lime Team 3


Head Illustrator
Creating dreams through illustrations

Dean's set herself a goal - to make our homes and world prettier. She does just that by combining her experience as an art director and illustrator and her background in interior design. The whimsical and creative scenes she creates are truly one-of-a-kind, and children's rooms all over the country are made into dreamlands thanks to her mind and hand.

Meet the Lime Team 4


User Experience & Project Manager
Making Lime & Lou feel like home

As a big believer in functional beauty, Shir is using design - virtual and physical - to add passion and optimism to the world around her. She draws on her love for music, good food, nature, and travel to enrich the experiences she makes and fill them with color and meaning. And when she’s not creating unique designs, she does yoga, bakes, and meditates to keep her mind and heart open to the world.

Meet the Lime Team 5


Content Strategist
Crafting the Lime & Lou story

As a self-proclaimed word fanatic and a lover of interior design, Michal is fascinated with the stories surrounding us at home. She puts her experience as a copywriter and UX writer to good use, making Lime & Lou the place where your home and your story shine. 

Meet the Lime Team 6


Chief Morale Officer
Keeping energy levels high

The perfect break time buddy! Ollie’s always up for a chat, a walk, or a doggie biscuit. His playfulness and sweet expressions are constantly inspiring everyone at Lime & Lou.

Meet the Lime Team 7