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A custom mural can instantly zest up every room.
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Lou's selection of abstract, botanical and floral wall murals are fully removable, which means you can go wild and experiment with new and wonderful designs! It's never been easy to make every room a masterpiece - simply peel & stick a custom mural. And when they ask who made it, say it's an original from Lou & You :)

What is the difference between wall murals and wallpapers?

Some people get confused between wall murals and wallpapers, but there are some differences between them.. Wall murals are a piece of graphic artwork or a digital print from a very high quality photo. They are often made of a self adhesive material. Wall papers on the other hand are strips of a repetitive pattern. They mostly are made of paper and are not pre-pasted. Both murals and wall papers are stylish and a creative way though to decorate a specific space in your house or your office.

How do you remove peel and stick murals?

Many may think that removing peels and stick murals is a big headache, but actually, in three simple steps you can make this problem disappear. First of all you need to saturate the panel with water in order to release the glum from the wall, after that you only need to take a damp sponge in water and clean any excess glue residue that may have being left on the wall, Thirdly you need to take a break make a coffee and be happy that the work took you less time than expected.